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Feasibility Studies

Relofant provides you with the information necessary to make educated and informed decisions about all aspects of your corporate relocation. Our feasibility studies are unique to each and every client. The most common types of feasibility studies Relofant provides are Due Diligence Management, Programming, Project Budgeting, Timeline and Scope Definition, Risk Identification and Mitigation, and “Stay VS Go” Analysis.

Construction Management

Relofant’s Construction Management Services have been developed to specifically serve clients that are relocating their operation. Relofant leverages a vast network of design, architecture, engineering, and general construction experts to budget, plan and execute any construction effort. This makes Relofant the best choice to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget, and the new space aligns with the original vision––from new site development, ground-up construction, an interior tenant improvement project, or a paint and carpet refresh. Our approach to construction management is different. Relofant’s expertise with “owners items” provides you an advantage. Everything you need to be operational in your space on Day One will be managed as part of the overall construction project. Furthermore, we deploy our project management methodology to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and the experts remain focused on their craft.

Project Management

Whether it be a refresh of your current space, a reshuffle and restack of your operation, a multi-site consolidation, a new site launch, an in-town relocation, or an across-the-globe move, one thing is certain––you have a project to manage. No matter the project’s magnitude, it is common that the following scopes of work will have to integrate into a seamless project plan and be managed through execution.

      • Construction
      • Technology
      • FF&E
      • The Move
      • Office and Supplier Services
      • Origin Site Decommissioning

There is no other firm more equipped to take your relocation nightmare and turn it into an exciting companywide teambuilding experience.

Move Management

Face it! Moves are tough. Even moving your home can be a nightmare. At least when you move your home, you don’t have to worry about your company’s bottom line or your staff’s morale. Relofant will learn about your company’s operation and then develop the best move plan possible to minimize or eliminate production downtime. Once the general move plan is signed off upon, Relofant goes to work properly sequencing and resourcing each phase of the effort. Relofant ensures the move mapping and move labeling techniques produce the most efficient packing and move execution effort, saving everyone time and dollars. Relofant’s approach to engaging the staff to build enthusiasm for the move is a value you won’t find by simply calling a mover. Once the staff attends Move Training, learns the proper packing techniques, and understands their role within the move, you can be confident that Day One in the new space will be as productive as the last day at the origin location.

Site Decommissioning

After you vacate your origin location, two facts remain.
1) You want your security deposit back ASAP, and 2) you no longer want to bother yourselves with anything regarding the origin location.

Before the move event starts, Relofant is preparing to decommission your origin site and complete whatever remaining work is needed to fully vacate the space and deliver you your security deposit. It doesn’t matter if your origin industrial facility requires safing off electrical and capping off mechanical connections or if your office furniture needs to go to the dump, Relofant is prepared to handle the full scope of decommissioning work required.

Relofant Can Provide Services for All Your Relocation Needs Nationwide

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