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Uprooting and relocating an entire business is no small task. It can be very expensive and time-consuming if not properly planned. If you have an impending decision to make about your current office or industrial real estate strategy, and whether or not relocating is the right option for your company, you may have some of the following questions:

Should we stay in our current location or should we relocate?

With Relofant’s involvement, we provide the necessary information that will equip you with the ability to make the decision that is best suited for your company. In a comprehensive format, we lay out the estimated costs, alongside the timeline for each option you are weighing. Though the decision is yours to make, we can ensure that it is an educated one.

Is our future property free of defects and/or risks that will force us to exceed our budget or delay our occupancy?

As with many of Relofant’s commercial real estate projects, Feasibility Studies are no different when it comes to our involvement in managing the project scope. We serve as a dedicated project management resource to manage all of the variables and potentially the due diligence required. Our focus is on ensuring there are no surprises during the execution of the relocation project avoiding cost overruns or delaying your ability to occupy the new space.

How much time and money is actually required? Who are the professional services team members needed to achieve our goals?

Relofant utilizes our own unique process on all the projects we are engaged with. To answer crucial questions, like the ones above, we take a deep dive into the requirements in order to get a comprehensive outlook of the project’s entirety. We lay out an estimated budget and milestone schedule by performing a project assessment. Additionally, our efforts will specify the necessary project team, such as the broker, architect, General Contractor, and many others giving you a much clearer understanding of the project you are considering.

Companies often underestimate the complexities of the relocation process and fail to plan out many of the steps required for a seamless project.  This can lead to introducing substantially more risk into the project unnecessarily.  Engaging a dedicated resource to carry out an in-depth look into the feasibility of your upcoming real estate project can save you meaningful time and costs.

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