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After much anticipation, we are happy to announce the launch of Relofant’s newest service offering! Starting in 2024, we are proud to offer Site Support Services to all past, present, and future clients moving forward. Having ongoing access to a dependable resource capable of managing all site-related needs will reduce the burden of constant interruptions to your daily operations, ultimately limiting the impact to your bottom line.

The 4 key benefits of retaining our new Site Support Services are:

  1. Dedicated and Experienced Resource: You gain unfettered access to a dedicated and experienced team of certified project management professionals that have the specific experience necessary to provide a turnkey solution. Our detailed and personal approach to delivering Site Support Services will guarantee all your site needs are addressed promptly while ensuring the productivity of the operation is not negatively impacted.
  2. Trusted Vendors and Contractors Network: Over the years, Relofant has established rock solid relationships with hundreds of local vendors, contractors, and service providers. Through us, you will gain access to our carefully curated list of reliable and high-quality providers, giving you peace of mind when tackling your site maintenance needs.
  3. Single Point of Contact: Our involvement will eliminate the hassle of spending unnecessary time on the phone identifying the appropriate resources as various site issues arise. With Relofant, you only have one phone call to make to a single contact, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process, to save you countless hours and wasted effort.
  4. Flexible Resourcing without Fixed Costs: With this service, you can now maintain your site with the attention of a dedicated resource but without the fixed cost of a full-time on-staff resource. This flexibility will allow you to focus your internal resources on the core business objectives and optimize your staffing budget.

We strongly believe that our new Site Support Services will greatly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your site management moving forward.

For further details, or to inquire about how this service can be tailored to fit you or your clients’ unique requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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