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We frequently hear from customers, “I wish we had involved you in the process earlier. I had no idea how many components our move entailed.”

A corporate relocation can be a massive undertaking and assessing your company’s needs is a complex task.  A moving company will arrive with packing materials, labor, and trucking. On the other hand, a move management company understands the proper synchronization of activities to coordinate resources and ensure the move does not waste resources, frustrate the team, or result in downtime.  A simple moving company may be right for you if these six statements are reflective of your situation:

  1. You are confident you have inventoried 100% of the contents that need to be relocated.
  2. Your move purge has been completed.
  3. You have solidified your move timing from an operational standpoint.
  4. You have a recent history with a moving company you trust and who understands your current physical space.
  5. The scope of your move is limited to employee contents, traditional office equipment, and supplies.
  6. You can commit around 40 cumulative hours to prep the space, conduct mover walk-throughs, analyze quotes, prepare a move roster and placarding system, and be onsite to oversee the move process at origin to destination.

If you are preparing for a company move but answered “No” to any of the above, a move management services company should be your next call.

Relofant can properly develop a move plan, create an RFP, solicit bids for the necessary resources specific to your move, receive a firm quote rather than an estimate, and coordinate your move with the property managers at each location, the general contractor responsible for the TI construction project, the electrician, the technology vendors; all of which are required for a seamless move into the new space.

If you are unsure which path is right for you or have questions about the process, please call me directly. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a customized and free quote for move management services.

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