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In instances where you are responsible for managing a facility relocation to a new geographic region, it is beneficial to have a local project manager for your project. Having a resource like Relofant where you may not be physically present offers several advantages, as it ensures effective management and coordination of the relocation from the origin location. Here are the key benefits:

Local Knowledge and Expertise
As project managers based in the Tampa Bay area, we have a deep understanding of the local regulations, business environment, and available vendor resources. Our local presence equips us with the experience necessary to navigate local environment-specific requirements. 

Boots on the Ground
Having a project manager local to the destination site ensures a physical presence to oversee the preparation of the destination location, handle issues promptly as they arise, and more closely manage ongoing risks. We are able to be on-site at a moment’s notice to meet with vendors, solve problems, and ensure project activities progress as planned and budgeted.

Local Contacts and Networks
Managing hundreds of relocations in the Tampa Bay Area over the past decade, we have curated a local network of contacts and industry experts, including contractors, professional services providers, consultants, and vendors. Our clients benefit from the utilization of our network to complete tasks on time, in sequence, and cost-effectively. Relationships with local vendors and suppliers can lead to more competitive pricing, quicker response times, and logistics that allow for the relocation project to be seamless.

Having a local project manager for a corporate relocation project is the best way to take advantage of the knowledge and experience required to be operational, with fewer costly mistakes, sooner in your new location.

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