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View of city buildings with the text Spoiler Alert on topThe Consequences of Being Indecisive

Have you ever had someone ruin a movie or book by telling you the ending before reading or watching it? While that is aggravating, not all spoiler alerts are unhelpful. Here’s one that can help your bottom line: occupancy delays have significant costs … and these costs are avoidable.

Decreased Team Morale

By nature, most people are averse to change. But having clear goals and parameters can ease the discomfort of the unknown. When timelines for your move are missed, however, the effect can be seen in poor morale––both for the project team and your employees.

Disengaged Vendors

If your project is delayed due to a company’s indecisiveness, vendors and stakeholders will shift their focus to another project. All parties involved in the process are managing multiple tasks, and priority will be given to the ones with forward momentum. Indecisiveness can cause your project to fall even further behind.

Increased Project Cost

Due to inflation and supply chain shortages, vendors may need to raise prices for previously quoted services and materials. A company that is slow to make crucial decisions may also give the appearance of a client who is challenging to work with.

Tips for Success

We want to see our clients––and potential clients––succeed in their facility transitions. Here are our best practices tips to consider:

  • Before engaging the required vendors, thoroughly define your project’s requirements.
  • Take time to understand the requirements, wants, and needs of everyone who will be affected by the transition. Do this early in the process to prepare vendors and staff.
  • Create appropriate RFPs (requests for proposals) and ensure that all decision-makers have signed off on the required RFPs.
  • Don’t rely on just one quote. Engage multiple vendors to bid on your needed services.
  • Before signing with a vendor, make sure they fully understand the project. This may require an onsite visit to your site.
  • To ensure a level playing ground, request that all bids are submitted in a consistent format.
  • When you analyze the RFP feedback from the vendors, look for consistencies and inconsistencies to compare equitably. If there are inconsistencies, carefully consider the differences.
  • Finally, creating a matrix to help analyze all decision factors will create a clear picture for comparison across various vendors.

If you have any questions about the best practices detailed here, or about the consequences of indecisiveness, please reach out to Relofant for a free consultation.

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