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Occupying a furnished office space is a great option to consider. Although there are many benefits to this, underestimating the tasks required to relocate into and occupy the furnished space is a common mistake.


Space Planning

Maximizing the utilization of the existing layout is the best first step in capitalizing on the benefits of relocating into a fully furnished space. Oftentimes, however, adjustments are required to accommodate specific business needs and to integrate the essential FF&E from the origin location. Completing a space planning effort confirms if adjustments need to be made to ensure a more efficient move event.

Furniture Re-Organization

As with any furniture disassembly and reassembly effort, coordinating the multiple vendors required presents challenges as it relates to access and proper synchronization of tasks. Establishing an agreed-upon scope of work with each of the vendors in advance is critical. Doing so will ensure completed work is completed efficiently and costly delays are avoided.

Low-Voltage Testing

It is highly recommended that before you attempt to occupy a furnished office space with existing low-voltage cabling, it is necessary to have the low-voltage infrastructure properly tested by a certified vendor. Failure to do so will result in frustrated staff and loss of productivity.

Origin Site Decommissioning

Occupying a furnished space commonly results in the need to discard a larger quantity of furniture and contents that will remain at the origin site after the relocation. Planning for the removal and potential liquidation of the remaining origin site furniture and contents in coordination with the relocation effort will save you time and money if properly executed.


Transitioning out of your current office space can be complicated, but we’re here to simplify the process. Take the stress out of the project and ensure a seamless transition by engaging an expert project manager!

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